Don’t skip your annual eye doctor visit because you think you can see just  fine. Eye exams aren’t only for people with poor vision. They’re an important way to find eye problems before symptoms show up. Your eye doctor can also catch other problems, like diabetes, early on.If it’s been more than a few years since your last visit, or if you’ve never had one, it’s time get one on the calendar now.

What Should I Bring?

  • Your glasses or contacts (if you wear them). Ask if you should stop wearing your contacts for a few days before the visit.
  • A list of any health conditions or allergies
  • A list of all medications and supplements you take
  • A list of any specific questions you have about your eye health.

The only sight threatening complication of contact lens wear is microbial keratitis (or infection of the clear layer at the front of the eye where the contact lens rests, the cornea). This is because microbial keratitis (MK) has the potential to scar the surface and cause distortion of vision. In some cases, the cornea becomes so damaged it needs to be replaced by human tissue donated for transplant.

Contact lens wearers often fall into bad habits which get reinforced with time. The rates of infection and losing your eyes from contact lenses is 1 in 2500 contact lens wearer. The most important time to have clean hands is before you put lenses in the eyes. It is important to use high quality certified contact lenses and change them frequently as instructed by your eye doctor.

To determine your suitability for LASIK you will need to come in for an assessment visit with our optometrist which may be followed by a consultation with the surgeon. At the assessment visit we will check to see if you are technically suitable for LASIK after assessing your spectacle prescription, corneal shape, corneal thickness and other factors. At the initial consultation with the surgeon the health of your eyes will be assessed, the technical information reviewed and the results you can expect discussed in detail.

Contact lenses may alter the natural curvature of the cornea. To have accurate results we need to know what the natural curvature of the cornea is, thus it is essential that lenses are left out prior to your pre-assessment, consultation, and surgery. For soft disposable contact lens wearers please leave them out for at least one week prior to your consultation and surgery. If you wear RGP/Rigid/Ortho-K lenses please leave them out for at least four weeks prior to your consultation and surgery.

Most people require 2 days off work: the day of surgery and the day after. Some people may require longer, depending on their occupation. You can return to work as soon as you feel comfortable with your vision. It may take some time (1-4 weeks) to feel completely comfortable with prolonged reading or computer use. You may find that you tire more quickly, or cannot concentrate for as long as usual during this period, while you are getting used to the changes in your vision. It is more likely that it will take longer to adjust for those older than 40 years.

We recommend that you do not drive to your follow-up appointment the next day. Your vision will be checked and the doctor will advise you when you can drive. Usually you can drive as soon as you are comfortable with your vision outside in bright light and can judge speed and distances accurately. This may take a day or two after surgery.

Lasik eye surgery costs vary according to the standards of the High Tech Laser used and the doctor expertise. Femto Lasik always costs more than ordinary Lasik. Special treatments (custom/optimized) provide an added cost. FemtoSmile, is the highest Technology and even costs more, however it is only suitable for some grades of near nearsightedness.

Cataract is when the eye lens becomes cloudy. when you feel that your glasses is not longer helping u sight and your eye doctor identifies cataract as the reason for that, it is time to have them removed.

Premium implants are superior high quality lenses that provide better image and correct many of sight problems to help you see excellent without the need of glasses. It is like when your compare the image of normal television with HD, Full HD and 4K HD. It is pretty nice investment in the quality of your sight after cataract surgery.

Cataract removal, means, we have to get this cloudy faulty lens out of your eyes and replace it with a clear new implant. There should be a wound to get it out. Using modern advanced technology, this wound is very tiny, about 2 mm, that does not need any stitches. Femto Laser can be used to make this tiny wound for an added cost, however this will not provide a difference in the final outcome.

Diabetic affection of your eyes is when closing of the tiny blood vessels in the retina (sensitive film at back of your eyes), resulting in the retina being starved of blood. This leads to fragile and abnormal blood vessels growing on the surface of the retina, which can lead to permanent loss of vision – either from bleeding into the eye, detachment of the retina or retinal scarring.

80% of those who have diabetes for 10 years or longer, are likely to have affection at the back of their eyes. It is important to detect and treat this changes early before progressing into the severer forms that can cause permanent change in your sight. Annual check up for your eyes is mandatory for the health and well being of  your eyes.

All children should be tested by eye doctor between age 5 and 6 years old. There are conditions that can affect the eyes, while both the child and parent not aware of them. If detected, treatment is usually very successful when started early and help in restoring back the 6/6 sight.